CoViRR at the Teaching and Learning Conference of the University of Nottingham

CoViRR held a roundtable “Co-Creating Virtual Reality Reusable Resources for Healthcare and beyond” at the Teaching and Learning Conference of the University of Nottingham, on 3rd of May 2019.

In CoViRR roundtable, the co-creation process for a VR resources discussed by sharing experiences on the development process of such resources. An overview of the HELM team’s exploration of the capture, creation and utilisation of 360 image and video and a CoViRR exploration of Virtual Reality and Augment Reality resources provided.

CoViRR at the University of Nottingham FELSIG, Jan 2019

CoViRR held a workshop  “Using VR in Health-related courses” on the University of Nottingham FELSIG: “Share experiences and new ideas around digital learning approaches on the 10th of January 2019.

University of Nottingham CoVIRR partner informed participants about the latest advancements on VR and how they can be used in Health related courses, disseminating the objectives and outcomes of CoViRR Eramsus+ partnership and kicked off a discussion on the usefulness of VR resources on health related curricula.

Train the trainers

The CoVIRR short-term joint staff training event was held in Nottingham, United Kingdom, on 26th - 28th of November, 2019, hosted by University of Nottingham.

CoViRR partners prepared participants for the practical elements of co-creation and implementation of Virtual Reality Reusable e-Resources. It combined theoretical and hands-on training, based on the ASPIRE framework. University of Sheffield shared experiences regarding the use of 360 videos in medical education, while the Mixed Reality Lab of the University of Nottingham shared advances on Virtual Reality projects.