The Digital Innovations in Healthcare Education virtual fair is currently being created, and the full information can be found on Sway HERE.

The Virtual Fair will present work from the following Erasmus + funded projects and/or teams: 360ViSi - Increased access to training in European health educa­tion through 360 video simulation technology, ACoRD, CEPEH, CoViRR, DigiSim, EPoCFiNDS, HEALINT4ALL, ReHIN, TBDTHC, TOTEMM, TransCoCon, Threshold, Prism Project. and HELM Open.

Both staff and students are invited to attend this 4-hour special that shows all projects to promote collaboration and expand upon current outputs. COViRR will be presented by several team members detailing the key points of the Intel­lectual Outputs, demonstrations of the resources, and the format has an open discussion for delegated to ask about co-creation, the resources, and how they may be able to benefit from becoming involved.

COViRR is the first session of the day, please join at 10:00-10:40 for the talk on Virtual Reality, 360-videos, and Chatbots in Healthcare Education.