The CoVIRR short-term joint staff training event was held in Nottingham, United Kingdom, on 26th - 28th of November, 2019, hosted by University of Nottingham.

CoViRR partners prepared participants for the practical elements of co-creation and implementation of Virtual Reality Reusable e-Resources. It combined theoretical and hands-on training, based on the ASPIRE framework. University of Sheffield shared experiences regarding the use of 360 videos in medical education, while the Mixed Reality Lab of the University of Nottingham shared advances on Virtual Reality projects.

Participants were from all the three partners, including teaching staff, academics, clinical skills experts, learning technologists and IT specialists, enabling them to take this work back to their organisations in order to undertake the project.

Participants had the chance to test a range of VR equipment, including 360 cameras, mobile phones and card boxes, Oculus VR headsets, Microsoft HoloLens, augmented reality mobile apps.